They say people make the world go round. At Enterprise Skip Hire and sister company Tip A Skip, this couldn’t be more true.

Every single day our team works tirelessly to ensure the stellar service we’ve become famous for is maintained. This series takes a closer look at these people, the integral cogs that make the Enterprise Waste Management Group, our world, go round.

Today we meet Kerry Amos, Enterprise Skip Hire’s Account Manager:

Describe yourself in one word:


What does a usual day look like for you?

Always a varied day, however daily duties would include invoicing account customers and weigh bridge tickets, reconciliation of card, cheque and cash customer receipts and reconciliation of bank account. Chasing any overdue account customers and payment of purchase invoices

What do you love about your job most?

That every day is varied and busy. And have great work colleagues.

Why is proper waste management so important?

The most important reason for recycling is the protection of the environment and the health of the population.

Working hard to manage our accounts!

My team love me because:

Mmm don’t actually know if they do but I’m sure they kinda like me cos the fact I’m honest, loyal and will always give my best to the company.

My team hate me because:

Sometimes I really shouldn’t say it out loud.  

Tea or coffee?

Do love a good strong coffee, but normally would drink tea during the day.  Why who’s turn is it?

Thanks for reading! Want to know more about Kerry and what she and Enterprise Skip Hire can do for you? Get in touch on 01296 615320.