They say people make the world go round. At Enterprise Skip Hire and sister company Tip A Skip, this couldn’t be more true.

Every single day our team works tirelessly to ensure the stellar service we’ve become famous for is maintained. This series takes a closer look at these people, the integral cogs that make the Enterprise Waste Management Group, our world, go round.

Up next we meet Carl Baker, Tip A Skip’s Key Account Manager:

Describe yourself in one word:


What does a usual day look like for you?

Wake up, sell, sell, sell, sleep.

What do you love about your job most?

The diversity of work I get involved in, satisfying my clients and helping a relatively young company continue to grow and reach its full potential

Why is proper waste management so important?

I read the other day that 300 tonnes of plastics are made every year, half of which are single use and 8 million tonnes ends up in our oceans. The world population passed 7 billion a few years back and continues to grow rapidly. This growth will only lead to more pressure on our natural resources and we’re already reportedly using the equivalent of 1.5 planets to provide the resources we use, and to absorb our waste.  As for the UK, with China no longer accepting lower quality waste imports, the importance of “proper” waste management and homegrown solutions will really start to become apparent.

Carl’s hard work generates thousands of pounds every month!

My team love me because:

 I never complain about the temperature, unlike others that’ll go unnamed.

My team hate me because:

I’m constantly pushing our suppliers to ensure we can get the most for our customers, including creeping in orders when we’re already at full capacity.

Tea or coffee?

Water all day long…. Body’s a temple and all that (Well at least until the weekend)

Thanks for reading! Want to know more about Carl and what he and Tip A Skip can do for you? Get in touch on 0333 222 9945.