They say people make the world go round. At Enterprise Skip Hire and sister company, Tip A Skip this couldn’t be more true.

Every single day our team works tirelessly to ensure the stellar service we’ve become famous for is maintained. This series takes a closer look at these people, the integral cogs that make the Enterprise Waste Management Group, our world, go round.

This time round we meet Lisa Wright, Enterprise Skip Hire’s incredible office and transport manager:

Describe yourself in one word:


What does a usual day look like for you?

When I am not making tea and toast for Jamie(!), my main role is Office Manager so I undertake all duties within the office as well as over-seeing the jobs taken and the scheduling of the jobs to the drivers.

I work alongside Sergio with the transport duties, checking all maintenance records (PMIs) and the drivers daily defect reports. I am also the WAMITAB holder so I check the waste transfer station with daily walk arounds, visits and compliance within our permit and submit all of this information to complete our Environment quarterly returns…  then I go home to bed.

What do you love about your job most?

The diversity of the waste industry and the people you meet/talk to.

Why is proper waste management so important?

Waste Management is the process of treating solid waste and offers solutions for recycling items so the reduction and diversion of waste going through to landfill.  The reuse of these materials then offers a valuable resource.

Waste Management is intended to reduce adverse effects on health, the environment and aesthetics.

Another busy day on the scheduler!

My team love me because:

I am passionate about my job.

My team hate me because:

When I am deep in thought I ignore them but not on purpose.

Tea or coffee?

Tea before 5PM, but after 5PM wine all the way…

Thanks for reading! Want to know more about Lisa and what she and Enterprise Skip Hire can do for you? Get in touch on 01296 615320